We’re pleased to release Music Worship Pack #2 from the “Walk as One” Songbook. Here’s another collection of five great worship songs in a variety of styles.

For each of the five songs in the music pack, you receive these digital resources for $35:

  • A copy of the sheet music score from the “Walk as One” songbook (PDF)
  • An audio recording of the song (high quality mp3)
  • A plain Powerpoint file (white text on black)
  • A colour Powerpoint file (white text on coloured image)
  • A lyric video (audio recording with song lyrics)
  • A plain text version of the song lyrics (for inserting into presentation software or printed orders)


God Will Not Forget You: Words and music by Robin Mann

Grant Us Your Grace: Words and music by Leigh Newton

In a Church That’s Moving Forward: Words by Andrew Williams. Tune: Nettleton (Public domain) Together in Song 153.

Jesus Says “Go Now!”: Words and music by Rod Boucher

Welcome Me Back Home: Words and Music by Paul Somerville

You can download an overview of the music pack here. This includes information about copyright and licensing.


Previews of all the released videos are available here.

Worship Music Pack #2 is available here.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can place an order for all five Music Worship Packs for $150. A new pack of five songs will be released every two months in 2024, plus you will receive an additional 4 songs, making 29 songs in all.

To order a subscription for all five packs, click here.

Purchasers will receive download links to the digital materials with download instructions.


The CMLA acts as a publisher of these resources:  it is not a licensing body. These resources become the property of the purchaser, whether an individual, a congregation, or other agency, and may not be transferred. You do not have permission to make or distribute digital copies of the resources, other than by the appropriate licensing (see below) for use in particular worship services. For example, if the pack is purchased by a minister, the person can use the resources with more than one congregation, but they cannot give copies to the congregation, and yet the congregation will need to have the appropriate licensing in place for their use for a particular worship service.

The songs remain copyright to the songwriters unless otherwise specified. Any reproduction of these files and recordings is subject to any licensing agreements held by the authors.

All of these songs may be streamed or hosted online (such as Facebook Live, your church website, Youtube, or Facebook) subject to the authors’ licences or agreements as noted in the Music Pack Contents document (download link above.)

For more information, contact the CMLA.