Worship in a Time of Isolation

We find ourselves in unusual times. Our communities may be scattered, but still we are the body of Christ. God is present with us and still we worship. The Centre for Music, Liturgy and the Arts is gathering resources for worship at home during times of isolation.

    Available Resources

    • Some of the resources include songs that have been chosen that are easy to find on the internet, can be sung without accompaniment and are not hard to learn – they are suggestions only, and you may wish to use others you know. There are links to music online in each of the files. 
    • You can also use these resources to gather a small community online and divide leading the parts between you. 
    • You may also find that other ideas and activities come to you and you create other resources that may help others. Feel free to send them through to add to what is offered.

    Tethered to God

    This is a resource that offers a full worship service that follows the lectionary readings.

    Worship with your Backyard

    This is a resource that is designed to be used in a garden. It includes sensory elements and scripture readings as part of worshipping with the whole creation.

    Worship on the Sofa

    This is a resource that is designed to be used in a home with a family or as an individual. It includes links to music, artworks and poetry.

    Tips for doing online worship

    This is a resource for doing online worship and community.